Welcome to Indy Star Chefs

Love to eat and try different cuisines. Need a little help re-creating some of those classic favorites,let Indy Star Chefs do the work for you. Offering the finest in full service catering where the host/hostess is the star, we'll let you choose how your event is set & work with you to put together a menu that everyone will enjoy!  Also at Indy Star Chefs we feature Hands-On cooking classes just for you, the home cook/chef. With Indy Star Chefs let Chef Dwight Simmons teach you an array of basic fundamentals, from the knife skills neccesary to let you enjoy your time in the kitchen to basic sauce making to proper cookery of starches, vegetables, proteins and much,much more. Each class is set up to work you through fun recipes and the techniques needed to complete such recipes. Come join us for a fun night of creation, some one on one instruction. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor, dining after class companied with Q&A.